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BLAM (Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health) is committed to improving the wellbeing and self-esteem of people of African descent. They work to unify and strengthen the links with the Black diaspora in the UK and worldwide. They do this by offering Black history lessons at schools, community groups, and after-school clubs, to tackle lower educational attainment, and ensure history is taught to empower pupils of African and Afro-Caribbean descent.
The Constitution states the aim is are to create a close knit Black British community by celebrating our cultural capital and creativity. We are directly ensuring that Black art and culture is championed celebrated. We also focus on improving the mental wellbeing of peoples of African Descent which has has being affected globally due to racism and racial trauma.
Advancing education
We host events and educate those in attendance about the Africa Diaspora's culture and traditions. We also host events with Black British Activists and community elders to encourage inter-generational dialogue with those currently leading the fight against racial injustice in the UK.

We also host a 6 week summer session for children aged 8-10 to ensure they are taught a history that reflects the background and imparts pride and belonging in them. We also give them homework and mark this to help improve their general reading and writing skills.
The Hub
The Hub takes the form of a diverse and rich panel talking to young people aged 18-30. They often are asked questions by BLAM team. We also show videos and hand out flyers on the topics discussed.

The children sessions are very much class room based, we provide worksheets and homework to the children. Each session has a theme decided in advance and the outreach worker prepares sessions and games that last for an hour each week for the children in attendance

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